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Electric Stair Lifts

July 23rd, 2011

Stairs are a real problem for people who cannot manage them. Stair chair lifts are a viable option for such people as they provide access to all parts of a building which has more than one floor but not enough space to install an elevator. Leading manufacturers of mobility equipment offer premium models of electric stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use in homes as well as commercial buildings.

Different Types of Electric Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are motorized seats on that run on tracks mounted to the wall and slowly transport the user up or down the stairs. Most models of electric stair lifts work on rechargeable batteries so that they operate even in a power failure. They are basically designed for two different kinds of stairways – straight and curved.

Straight stair lifts – They are a practical and economical option in a building with more than one floor and .straight stairways. This electric chair lift can be easily set up. If the building has more than one landing, it may be necessary to set up a separate stair lift for each landing.
Curved stair lifts – If your home has a beautiful curved stairway, you can install a curved electric chair lift. However, this lift has to be custom built. It would therefore take longer to set up and cost more that a straight stair lift.

Handicap outdoor stair lifts allow the user gain easy access outdoors between two levels such as from the front and back door to the footpath. They are similar to indoor lifts, but include features that make them suitable for outdoor use. For instance:

1. Durable, protective paint

2. Seating made of high quality weather-resistant material

3. Powered to work even in cold weather conditions

4. Special protective cover to guard from the elements when not in use

Stair Chair Lifts – Featured for Safety and Comfort

Designed with the safety and comfort of the user in mind, electric stair lifts come with features such as:

a.Safety brake and seat belt
b.Obstruction sensors
c.Easy-to-use remote controls to operate or call the lift to position
d.Fold-up seat and footrest
e.Constant pressure operation
f.Swivel seat
g.Wide arm rests
h.Adjustable seat height

Stair lifts can be conveniently folded and put away when not in use so that they do not obstruct the use of the stairway by others.

Established Dealer for Competitively Priced Stair Lifts

Contacting an established dealer can help you get competitively priced electric stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use. Many dealers offer certified pre-owned stair chair lifts that have been reconditioned to work like new, but cost much less. Besides installation support, a good dealer would ensure timely maintenance and repair service to keep your lift in good working condition all the time.

By: Jai Gaitonde

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