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Best Furniture Purchasing Tips

July 26th, 2011

Furniture is a commonly used household object that is designed for human activities like sitting, sleeping and storing things. It includes beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes, cabinets, closets, pantry, chest, bench, stools, couch, recliners, desk, drawing boards, bean bags and cupboards. It is most usually made of wood and plastic.

The word furniture is derived from the French word  Fourniture meaning equipment. They were first used in the early Neolithic period and many wooden Sculptures from Egypt and Turkey have been excavated.

Wooden Furniture Wood is the most widely used material to make furniture. It is not only cheap and easily available but also extremely durable. More than 200 varieties of woods are used. Red Cedar, Teak, Indian Laurel, British Elm and American Black Walnut are used worldwide.

Egyptians were the first to use metals in furniture. Many stools, chairs and benches have been excavated from the tomb of Tutankhamen as early as 12th Century BC. Ancient Greece used gold, iron, silver, bronze and copper to make furniture. The king used metal chairs for special gatherings, functions and ceremonies. In the early 1900′s iron and steel became the standard for metal furniture.


Garden furniture is usually made from weather resistant materials like plastic, aluminum and wrought iron.  It is also known as patio furniture and is generally intended for outdoor use. Garden furniture has been excavated from the gardens of Pompeii.

American citizens spend more than $90 Billion on furniture every year according to the American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association. But more than 85% of the people who bought sofas and wood furniture had no idea about furniture quality.  Always check the quality of the frames and cushions before buying a sofa set. Make sure the sofa is comfortable. Go for Kiln-Dried hardwood frame. They are extremely durable and eliminate moisture from the board.  Buy a 5 legged frame sofa set if you are buying an expensive sofa set.

Go for seat cushions that are heavier. Make sure the sofa’s spring system is made of sinuous wire.  Take a good look at the tailoring. Check if the seams are even across the board.  Ask the furniture retailer if the leather is top-grain.  Check the drawers. Make sure the veneers match the corners well. Go for a drawer that is made with a wood binder.  Finally, make sure you buy furniture from a reputed and authorized dealer that offers warranty for at least 2 years.




















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